Fire-Rated Drywall

Fire-rated drywalls are essential in buildings that want to prevent or remain safe in the event of a fire. Learn why you need them

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Do I Need Fire-Rated Drywalls?

When building a new home, remodelling or adding an addition to your property, there are certain safety precautions you need to take, especially concerning fire. Even if you live in an apartment, there are fire risks, especially if your neighbour believes they are a Master Chef. In all these situations, have you thought of measures you can put in place to keep your property safe from fires?

In this post, we’re going to answer a few questions about fire-rated drywalls and their importance to your home.

The Basics Of Fire-Rating

What Is Fire Resistance-Rated Construction And How Is DryWall Fire-Rated?

In order to determine the fire-rating drywall systems, a certification process needs to be conducted. This is specifically for the wall systems, such as the fire-rated drywall board and not any products that will require testing and certification and approval for use. These systems we’re referring to can be anything, including drywall board, insulators, light gauge steel and another drywall board.

What Is Fire-Rated Drywall Type X And Type C, And Where Can I Use Them?

These drywall Types are both approved for use in a 60 minute rated design. However, they are approved for different wall systems. Type C fire-rated drywall has better fire-resistive properties than Type X fire-rated drywall because they have more glass fibre reinforcements coupled with other ingredients in the gypsum core.

The Difference Between One-Hour Fire-Rated Drywall And Three-Hour Fire-Rated Drywall

One-hour fire rating is a way of measuring the amount it takes for wall systems to withstand fire resistance during fire-rating performance tests. Going past the 60-minute mark can be reached by either adding layers of boards for extended protection or other elements to the wall system to make it stronger.

Fire-Rated Safety For Your Home

When Can I Use Fire-Rated Products In My Home?

Fire-rated products are usually used in commercial, residential constructions such as high rises, office buildings, institutional and industrial buildings, and single-family residences. In these cases, spaces will require area separation walls like hotels and multi-family homes.

At Capco, we can help you with all your fire-rated drywall needs. Read up on all our services on our website now.