Ceiling And Drywall Insulation

When purchasing drywall, one of the most important things to ask about is insulation. This is something you may not think about at the time of purchase, but may greatly regret later on.

Luckily, Capco are drywall insulation experts and are here to give you some information on both thermal and acoustic insulation so that you can understand how important this feature is for your next drywall purchase.

Thermal Insulation

Thermal insulation prevents the escape of hot or cool air from the inside of a house to the outside. Therefore, thermal insulated rooms stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Insulation has become an essential part of the building process. CAPCO provides insulation products that are lightweight and therefore, prevent stress on the roof.


Thermal insulation is what will make a space cool in summer, warm in the winter, and generally just more comfortable all year round. It is highly recommended that you have your drywall thermally insulated if you don’t want to freeze when it’s cold and sweat when it’s warm. Even spaces in temperate climates could greatly benefit from thermally insulated drywall.

Capco understands the importance of thermal insulation, and that is why we provide the following, lightweight, thermal insulation products:


Brits Isotherm

ISOTHERM pays for itself by reducing the electricity costs of energy-consuming heating and cooling systems. The soft texture of ISOTHERM makes it is easy to roll out and cut to size. Pleasant to touch, ISOTHERM is simple and safe to install. It is non-allergenic, non-irritant and resilient and does not support the spread of flame.

Density KG/M³ Dimensions Pack Size R Value NRC
50mm - Isothern 10 10m x 1.2m 1 Roll 1.02 0.6
50mm - Isotherm - Full Cut 10 10m x 1.2m 1 Roll 1.02 0.75
100mm Isotherm 10 6m x 1.2m 1 Roll 2.04 0.75
100mm - Isotherm - Full Cut 10 6m x 1.5m 1 Roll 2.04 0.75
135mm - Isotherm 11.5 5m x 1.2m 1 Roll 3.14 0.75

Isover Aerolite

Think Pink Aerolite is a non-combustible, glass wool ceiling insulation solution that reduces the energy required to maintain a comfortable living environment.

Density KG/M³ Dimensions Pack Size R Value NRC
50mm - Aerolite 11 10m x 1.2m 1 Roll 1.14 0.80
100mm - Aerolite 11 6m x 1.2m 1 Roll 2.50 1.00
135mm - Aerolite 11 5m x 1.2m 1 Roll 3.38 1.10

Knauf Thermal

With partially cut perforations, Combi-cut rolls offer installers the flexibility and convenience to make narrower roll widths, eg. 600mm, without the use of tools for cutting whilst being robust to allow installation of the full roll width as a single piece.

Density KG/M³ Dimensions Pack Size R Value NRC
135mm - Ceiling Roll - Part Cut 13 7.5m x 1.2m 1 Roll 3.38 1.13
100mm - Ceiling Roll - Part Cut 13 13 7.5m x 1.2m 1 Roll 2.50 1.04
50mm - Ceiling Roll - Part Cut 13 7.5m x 1.2m 1 Roll 1.25 0.81

Acoustic Insulation

Acoustic insulation or sound proofing prevents the escape of sound waves from a room or sound transmission from room to room in a house. Acoustic insulation is designed to deflect, absorb and dissipate noise to keep sound levels at a more manageable level.


Acoustic drywall insulation is not spoken about as often as thermal insulation is, but it is just as important. When drywall is not properly insulated, it can give the room it is partitioning simply awful acoustics. This means that conversations and phone calls may sound tinny and echoey. It could also means that you may have very little privacy and people on the other side of the partition may hear your every word.


Good acoustic insulation absorbs and dissipates sound, making the noise level within the partitioned space far more manageable. Capco offers various acoustic insulation products such as:

Isover Cavity Batt

Cavitybatt has been specially developed for insulation within steel frame structures, timber frame buildings and dry wall systems. It is manufactured using high quality glass wool and are glass tissue faced on one side for ease of handling and improved rigidity.

Density KG/M³ Dimensions Pack Size R Value NRC
51mm - Cavity Batt 14 1200 x 600mm 40 Batts 1.34
63mm - Cavity Batt 14 1200 x 600mm 30 Batts 1.66
100mm - Cavity Batt 14 1200 x 600mm 20 Batts 2.68
50mm - Enegylite Batt 47.5 1200 x 600mm 15 Batts 1.56 1.00
50mm - Ultimate U Thermo 6 1200 x 600mm 10 Batts NA NA

Knauf Acoustic

Manufactured at higher density to offer superior acoustic performance for internal building elements such as partitions, suspended ceilings and floors around areas demanding heightened privacy such legal or medical consultation chambers, boardrooms and cinemas.

Density KG/M³ Dimensions Pack Size R Value NRC
50mm - Acoustic Roll - Ready Cut 10 1200 x 600mm 1 Roll 1.12 0.83
63mm - Acoustic Roll - Ready Cut 10 1201 x 600mm 1 Roll 1.40 1.13
100mm - Acoustic Roll -ready Cut 10 1202 x 600mm 1 Roll 2.25 1.04
50mm - Ultracoustic - A - Full Cut 36 5m x 1.2m 1 Roll 1.51 0.88

CAPCO Ultrasonic Batt

Capco Glass wool batt is manufactured from non-combustible glass wool, bonded with an inert thermosetting resin to form a strong resilient product. It is odourless, inert and fully compatible with all standard building materials and components.

Density KG/M³ Dimensions Pack Size R Value NRC
50mm - Ultrasonic Batt 47.5 1200 x 600mm 10 Batts 1.56 1.00

Drywall Insulation As An Investment

Drywall insulation should not be looked at as an unnecessary expense, but rather as an investment that you’ll never regret! You’ll make the lives of all those working and visiting the drywall area, whether that be clients and/or employees, so much more comfortable!


Looking for expert drywall insulation solutions? Feel free to contact the professional team at Capco our branches in KZN and Gauteng.