Ceiling Manufacturers: Do I Need One?

Capco, a proudly South African ceiling company, has been in the ceiling manufacturing business for over 45 years! We believe that this makes us an expert ceiling manufacturer and that we have a lot to offer in terms of knowledge and experience.

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What Does A Ceiling Manufacturer Do?

Essentially a ceiling manufacturer produces all of the components necessary for almost any type of ceiling. They should also offer consultation services for customers who may not know exactly what they need, as well as delivery and installation services if they want to offer the full package. At Capco, we offer all of the above…and more!

What Type Of Ceilings Should A Ceiling Manufacturer Offer?

There are many components and elements involved when it comes to manufacturing ceilings. A good ceiling manufacturer should, at the very least, offer the following:



Basically, quality ceiling manufacturers should offer everything you could possibly need for your ceiling, and stay up to date with ceiling trends to ensure that their offering is relevant.


Capco: Ceiling Manufacturer That Goes Above And Beyond

As we mentioned previously in this article, we have been in the ceiling business for over 45 years, and the reason we have done so well and lasted so long is the fact that we always go the extra mile for our clients. We really get to know our clients’ and their manufacturing needs, going out of our way for custom orders, and always doing everything with a smile on our faces. That is what it takes to be a leading ceiling supplier and manufacturer!

Choosing A Quality Ceiling Manufacturer

When choosing a quality ceiling manufacturers, it is best that you go with a company that has a professional website, and that clearly displays its capabilities, testimonials and past projects. The ceiling is a very important aspect of any structure, and you want to be sure that you’re receiving quality materials that will last

Looking for ceiling manufacturers that you can trust? Look no further than Capco, South Africa’s ceiling specialists. Call us today in our branches both in KZN and Gauteng for a quote today!