Ceiling Tiles In Johannesburg

This may come as a surprise to many, but ceiling tiles play quite an essential role in the complete look and feel of your home and office building. The ceiling tiles in Johannesburg are no different, except for the fact that they may need to be replaced for a variety of specific reasons due to our South African climate and other more obvious contributing factors such as:

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When To Replace Your Ceiling Tiles In Johannesburg


Ceiling tiles may lose their colour over time, but if there is any prominent discolouration to your ceiling tiles in Johannesburg, you should think about replacing them.

Discolouration can occur due to a water leak, cigarette smoke as well as any heat source and in South Africa with our tropical, humid and heated climate. This can occur more often than you think. Nothing is worse than your whole ceiling being an eyesore, so if you can spot significant discolouration of your ceiling tiles, it is time to replace them!


This may be a no brainer, but yes, if your ceiling tiles are damaged, you should throw the old ones out and make way for some new tiles!

The average lifespan of ceiling tiles is around ten years, after their 10th year, the tiles can start to become warped, bent and cracked and are brittle, so they damage a lot easier. If your tiles are beginning to creep up on their 10th birthday, you may want to start planning their replacement sooner rather than later.


Yuck! Right? Unfortunately, if your house was constructed any time before 1981, you may have asbestos living beneath your ceiling tiles in Johannesburg.

This doesn’t mean your house for sure has an asbestos problem, but if you have any doubt, you may want to call in a professional or grab one of those home-test kits at your nearest hardware store.

The likelihood however of you having asbestos in your building if it was built before 1981 is high, and you should replace your ceiling tiles anyway because well, they’re just old!

Contact Us For Ceiling Tiles

Replacing your ceiling tiles in Johannesburg doesn’t have to be a daunting, tedious task that leaves your home or your commercial building off-limits and thoroughly wayward for weeks on end.

Capco is a reliable and experienced manufacturer, distributor and stockist of considerably the most professional ceiling and partition components in South Africa.

For ceiling tiles in Johannesburg, you can trust to be reliable for years to come, give us a call at Capco today and let us know how we can help you!