Ceiling Systems

Whether you’re an experienced home or property owner, or a new one. One important factor in development, design and the construction of buildings is their ceiling systems. It’s understandable that what may be hanging over your head, may not exactly be your first thought when considering all the details that go into creating a home or well-designed building, but ceilings are super important for many reasons. Some of which being hiding unsightly plumbing and electrical installations, insulation and weather protection. What most property/homeowners don’t know is that your ceilings can be used as decorative features to your building.

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Your Ceiling Systems Options

Ceilings may be underrated and go unnoticed to most but choosing the right fit for your property and ceiling systems can make the world of difference to the way you look at your interior roofing.

1. Conventional Ceilings

Mostly seen as a standard choice used in home development and standing 8 ft tall, above the floor level, this is a common and simple style that is popular for home use.

2. Suspended Ceilings

Installed below an already existing ceiling, although suspended or “drop” ceilings are similar to conventional ceilings with their simple aesthetic, they are the best out of all the ceiling systems for hiding wiring or mechanical work and can be found being used mostly in corporate offices with major ventilation installations.

3. Tray Ceilings

These ceilings are quite eye-catching and very classy if we do say so ourselves. Commonly found in kitchen and dining areas, these ceilings are built upwards with rectangular cut-outs to give the illusion of a tray-like aesthetic.

4. Coffered Ceilings

Designed to give your ceiling a waffle-like effect by using sunken panels to create the pattern and accentuating it with moulding. Considered one of the most classic ceilings, this type of ceiling is usually found in luxury and high-end homes and is a point of status amongst the wealthy.

5. Cathedral Ceilings

Cathedral or “vaulted” ceilings are among the more dramatic of the ceilings. Made up of high, arched components that are installed to create an exaggerated and sloping V, meeting at the highest point of the already triangular roof, this type of ceiling is for those with more extravagant taste.

There are various, of not countless choices when it comes to ceiling systems for your home/property. To ensure you make the best choice for you and your property, contact us at our KZN branch at 031 569 6090 or our Gauteng Branch at 011 822 8142 to speak to one of our very qualified, passionate professionals.