beta drywall systems

BETA Drywall Systems

The heart of the BETA® Drywall System is the galvanised steel framework with  floor tracks and vertical studs that are assembled to form a strong structure for the assembly of  a wide range of partitioning designs  supplied  by  CAPCO Ceiling  and  Partition  Components, BETA® Drywall aluminium sections are a unique combination of the best construction ideas and aesthetics  from the international construction industry.


The patented result is a highly functional, easy to install and good looking system that caters for all types of installations. The strength of door frames and glazing is enhanced by the internal ‘legs’ of the sections, and the aesthetics are improved by the unique clip together combinations.

Unique features include:

  • Full height doors and glazing modules
  • Base, head, vertical and horizontal reveals available
  • Woolpile door and glazing gaskets
  • Range of fire ratings from 30min ‐ 120min
  • Range of sound attenuations from 36 ‐ 57dB.
  • Neat appearance and good looks
  • Easy installation and low cost
  • Easy to decorate with wallpaper or paint
  • Recessed base and head
  • Curved and splayed walls
  • Bullnose and splayed corners

BETA Drywall System Assembly

BETA Drywall System Products

Drywall Range

76mm BETA Drywall System

Drywall Range

76mm BETA Executive Drywall System

Drywall Range

90mm BETA Drywall System

Drywall Range

90mm BETA Executive Drywall System

Drywall Range

BETA Hi-Wall System

Beta Drywall Systems Explained And Their Benefits

The use of drywall in construction is a growing trend and it is easy to see why when you consider just how cost and time efficient drywall really is. In the construction industry, whether the job entails minor home renovations or major, new construction development, the chances are that at some point you are going to have to install some sort of drywall. So, if drywall in general is a great and beneficial material for construction companies and homeowners, choosing this drywall system for your home in order to ensure true protection against the elements as well as proper insulation for your home is the right choice. 

Look No Further, Beta Drywalls Are the Right Choice For You

Beta drywall systems are immediately set apart from other drywall systems by its galvanized steel frameworks and vertical studs. These are formed together to create an incredibly strong and durable structure that can endure intense pressure, impact and weathering. Here are some of the benefits associated with Beta drywalls.

Aesthetically Pleasing And Easy To Install

Beta drywall systems perfectly combine the most renowned and celebrated construction innovations and designs adapted from the international construction community to create a drywall solution for your home that is not only highly functional, but that is also considerably easy to install and probably the most aesthetically pleasing of all drywall systems across the globe.

Cater To All Types Of Installation Requirements

Beta drywall systems are known for catering to all types of installation requirements and the internal legs of beta drywall systems actually enhance the strength and glazing of your door frames and automatically improves the aesthetics of your drywall systems with its unique, clip together combinations available.

Can Endure Natural And Unnatural Wear And Tear

Beta drywall systems have been specially designed to offer homeowners and their homes complete and utter protection from mother nature and natural, human induced wear and tear while providing clean, elegant and unique aesthetic options for your drywall systems.

Capco believes in Beta drywall systems so much so that we have perfected and patented this unique drywall solution. For a quote or any assistance with your drywall needs or to further discuss exactly how beta drywall systems can benefit your home, Contact us at our KZN branch at 031 569 6090 or our Gauteng Branch at 011 822 8142 to kickstart your drywall system journey today!