CAPCO Ceiling Systems and SIGMA Ceiling Trims ideal ceiling solutions for all applications.


CAPCO are partition and ceiling suppliers. They have a comprehensive range of ceiling systems sourced from quality international and local manufacturers, with unique design trims that allow architects, designers and contractors to create distinctive individual ceiling designs that add aesthetic and functional value to an area. The variety of tile materials, surface patterns and ceiling installation configurations, make CAPCO ceiling systems and ceiling trims ideal ceiling solutions for all applications

CAPCO offers a variety of ceiling systems ranging from suspended ceilings to SIGMA ceilings as well as ceiling fixings, tiles, access panels, insulation and SHERA fibre cement board andaccessory products. CAPCO also offers GAMMA drywall trims for head and base or wall reveals as well as supplies ceiling cornice products from Orac Decor for high quality decorative elements.

suspended ceiling

A suspended ceiling, also called a dropped ceiling, refers to a type of ceiling paneling separate from the higher ceiling. CAPCO, as ceiling suppliers, provide a variety of suspended ceiling products and services such as, the exposed Tee system, circular bulkheads, steel brandering, suspensions systems, cornice trims and sub- grid sections.

Sigma ceiling systems

Sigma ceiling systems enhance and even embellish the home or office environment. With endless design possibilities from shadow lines to drapery pockets, inverted bulkhead to baffle ceilings and elaborate bulkheads. Round or square, fixed or floating, straight and subtle or detailed and ostentation, the CAPCO Sigma range solutions are endless.

ceiling fixings

CAPCO stock and supply a range of ceiling fixings and accessories for all ceiling systems. These include the most common fixings such as screws and bits, impact anchors, hollow wall fixings, purlin clips, rivets and fixing tools as well as a comprehensive range of ironmongery and internal partitioning and ceiling accessories.

Ceiling tiles

Ceiling tiles, also known as ceiling panels, are lightweight construction materials, which are used to cover ceilings. Ceiling tiles are mostly made from mineral fibre or wool and other materials. CAPCO are distributors for a wide range of ceiling tile manufacturers. Those being, Daiken, AMF, Eco-TEX, Thermotex Duraceil, Thermoceil, Pyroceil, Heradesign, CKM and Optix.

diffusers, access panels and trap doors

CAPCO, ceiling suppliers are also a supplier of diffusers, access panels and trap doors that come in various sizes for different types of ceilings. Each have their own specific function in relation to the ceiling. Diffusers allow the distribution of air conditioning throughout the home. Access panels and trap doors allow easy access to the roof while providing an aesthetic finish by being flush against the ceiling.

thermal and acoustic insulation

CAPCO provide thermal and acoustic insulation for ceilings and drywalls. They supply a variety of different insulation products and materials. Thermal insulation products range from Isotherm and Aerolite tocombi-cut materials. Acoustic insulation products range from Cavity batt and Knauf to their very own CAPCO Acoustic made with non-combustible glass wool.


SHERA Board is a non-asbestos fibre-cement building board composed ofPortland cement, cellulose fibre and refined sand. SHERA Boards come in various formats and can be used in a wide variety of building applications.

GAMMA Drywall Trims

GAMMA Drywall Trims are a unique complement to the BETA Drywall System, allowing for the design and fixing of a range of head, base and wall reveals.

Orac Decor

APCO offers an extensive range of products from Orac Decor, ceiling cornice suppliers, who have introduced synthetics technology for the production of modern, functional, decorative elements.