Ceiling Panels and Tiles

Ceiling tiles, otherwise called ceiling panels, are versatile, lightweight finishing materials for ceiling construction. The tiles and panels are predominantly manufactured from mineral fibre or wool and other fibrous materials. CAPCO is the distributor for a wide range of ceiling tile manufacturers, namely Daiken, AMF, Eco-TEX, Thermotex, Duraceil, Thermoceil, Pyroceil, Heradesign, CKM and Optix.

Ceiling Panels And Tiles

Ceiling panels and tiles add value to residential and commercial interiors, and Capco’s range of panels & tiles gives our astute professional clients an exceptionally diverse selection.

These slim and lightweight products, from press engraved to perforated to acoustic and metal, give you infinite solutions in an easy-to-install format.

Ceilings are primarily functional as they can conceal services, untidy ceiling slabs, and undulating insulation. In addition, they finish the design of the upper planes with a structured, homogenous plane or a detailed, multi-plane, or broken plane structure – depending on the designer.

Multiple Benefits From Ceiling Panels And Tiles

The finished installation can deliver multiple solutions such as light reflection, sound reduction, improved aesthetics, and easy maintenance. We guarantee you’ll find the perfect tile for your client’s projects.

The benefit of light reflection is a vital element for the success of an interior, as is the ceiling’s insulation values. Both of these elements increase the comfort experienced in a room or area.

For example, the cool white acoustic ceiling tiles and panels will reduce background noise whilst offer the right level of indirect light through high light reflection. As a result, the overall lighting experience is far superior to an exposed ceiling slab – not to mention the reduction in unhealthy dust!

The users of the space will be profoundly affected by the availability or lack of light as it affects their physical and mental wellbeing. This impact is due to light having a correlated effect on the areas of our brain which promote alertness and cognition.

Choose from our diverse ceiling panels and tiles below or contact our skilled team of professionals in Durban or Gauteng for any clarification or advice you need.