Capco Steel Brandering

Steel brandering is perfect for residential plasterboard ceilings because they are 100% straight and true. Steel Brandering is fixed at 400mm centres to timber trusses (762mm centres) by means of adjustable direct fixing brackets dipped into furring channels and fixed with 32mm grabber screws.

Steel brandering joiners are fitted into the ends of steel brandering where longer than standard lengths are required.

Steel brandering is leveled horizontally via a screw fixing into the elongated slot in the direct fixing bracket and adjusting the bracket up or down.

The 6.5mm or 9mm gypsum boards are fitted, with tapered edges facing down, perpendicular to steel brandering with 25mm drywall screws at 150mm centers.

Perimeters can be fitted with SIGMA Shadowline Plaster Trims to create a shadow line at the perimeter of the room – 20/30/50mm shadow lines are available. Perimeters can be fitted with galvanized angle trim for use with gypsum molded cornices.

All plasterboard joints are fitted with 50mm self-adhesive fiberglass mesh tape and the entire ceiling plastered with 2 – 5mm thickness skimming plaster.

For more economical installations only joints and screws need to be flushed with jointing compound to a smooth finish.