Ceiling Tiles Durban

While ceiling tiles play a prominent role in upscaling the style and design of your office, while hiding unwanted wires and providing other benefits, ceiling tiles in Durban properties also play a vital part in acoustics and sound absorption.

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You Need Ceiling Tiles In Your Durban Property

Are you tired of the echo in your office space? Are you getting a headache from that constant noise coming through your ceiling from the office next door? Are you tired of hearing coworkers chattering at the waterhole? Are you battling to focus on work? If you’ve answered yes to any of the above questions, you need an acoustical ceiling in your office. You need ceiling tiles in Durban! 

Ceiling Tiles For Your Office Are An Ideal Option

While traditional fabric-wrapped panels do work wonders in shutting up the noise in your office, ceiling tiles in your office are proven very successful in the fight to get the sound down, and everyone focused. With ceiling tiles, you won’t be facing the same problems that fabric-wrapped panels come with – wear and tear and non-durability. You won’t also experience the issues that come with suspended ceilings, which aren’t particularly appealing to the eye. With ceiling tiles, the benefits are endless.

For Better Focus In Your Office Space

Did you know that long exposure to loud noises and constant chatter tires out the human psyche creating fatigue and much slower response times as well as difficulties problem solving and reasoning? Yes, your busy interior environment may be doing more damage than you think. And in an office, that’s the last thing you want to happen.

Fortunately, busy interior environments can be counteracted with ceiling tiles. As the busiest surface in an interior, you may not know that sound travels up and bounces straight off the ceiling, subsequently reverberating through the below space. And, the solution is ceiling tiles.

Ceiling Tiles Offer Many Benefits

As an effective solution for solving the problem of acoustics in office spaces, ceiling tiles are also decorative and add to the aesthetics of the space. They’re lightweight and durable. Furthermore, sound can pass through the tiles while not interfering with the design aesthetic. Sound absorption can truly be achieved when combining your ceiling tiles with the right material.

Contact Us For Ceiling Tiles

If you’re looking for the best acoustic solution for your office space, contact us at our KZN branch at 031 569 6090 or our Gauteng Branch at 011 822 8142 to speak to one of our very qualified, passionate professionals.