beta aluminium doors

BETA Aluminium Doors

CAPCO’s aluminium glass door partitions are essential to any commercial or residential building. With its strong aluminum frame, natural adonized finish and armorplate safety glass, it is the best option for a long lasting and aesthetically pleasing door. CAPCO’s BETA aluminium doors are available in white, bronze, charcoal and black.

Available Colours

Aluminium doors

BETA Executive Aluminium Single Doors With Mid Rail

2032 x 813mm

BETA Executive Aluminium Single Door-Full Glass

2023 x 813mm

BETA Executive Aluminium Double Door With Mid Rail

2032 x 1610mm

BETA Executive Aluminium Double Door-Full Glass

2032 x 1610mm

Styling Your BETA Aluminium Doors

There is a sea of choices on the market for entrance door installations, which can get overwhelming for homeowners, architects, and construction businesses. From sliding doors to BETA aluminium doors, there’s an option for everyone. But, have you considered the finishing and glazing options for your BETA aluminium projects.

Aluminium Finishes

Aluminium finishes come with both standard and eccentric options. The majority of BETA aluminium doors come either in a natural anodised finish, or silver, as well as a standard powder coated colours like bronze, black, charcoal, new silver, and white. There are also instances, for large quantities, where BETA door frames can be powder-coated in just about any colour imaginable to suit just about any taste and style. 


Glazing Options

BETA aluminium doors can be fitted with different glazing options, depending on your unique specifications, you can opt for standard or performance glass.

There’s the option of energy-saving glass as well as comfort glass that have the added benefit of energy efficiency for indoor areas. If safety is your priority, choose security glass that will put a halt in any intruders’ attempts, and help reduce potential accidents. For aesthetic beauty, you can incorporate appealing glass, tinted or reflective glass, for a striking look and a reflective feature that works well with light.

What’s also great about different BETA executive aluminium doors is that there is an option for acoustic glass that reduces sound, and there’s the fire-rated glass that helps with holding back the spread of fire.

There’s also the option of a double glazed BETA aluminium door that is energy efficient and provides great insulation for homes.


Top-lights And Sidelights

Want to compliment your BETA aluminium doors? Using top-lights and sidelights is your best bet. Using these lights at a higher and broader level than the maximum size of a door can help bring in more light for a better view. Depending on the BETA aluminium door you choose, the lighting features will vary, brighten spaces and compliment the beauty of your home’s layout.


Make The

Right Choice

Whether you’re revamping your home, or you’re an architect working on a new building project, BETA executive aluminium doors offer durable, elegant and cost-effective features that’ll meet your needs.

If you’re looking for usability, comfort and security in a door, BETA aluminium doors are the ideal choice. At Capco, we have a range of single and double BETA executive aluminium doors. With our doors, we assure quality and affordability. Visit us in KZN or Gauteng today!