Ceiling Tiles: All You Need To Know

At Capco, we have been in the ceiling business for 45 years and have come to learn all there is to know about ceiling tiles and ceiling panels. We have had hundreds of customers come to us to purchase quality ceiling tiles.

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What Are Ceiling Tiles Exactly?

Ceiling tiles are also commonly known as ceiling panels. Unlike bathroom and kitchen tiles, they are usually made from lightweight materials such as mineral fibre or even wool. They are used to cover up ceilings, and can really add value to a room in terms of both aesthetic appeal and practicality.

What Are The Benefits?

Ceiling tiles are a popular feature in many homes and businesses. What makes them so popular? Some of their benefits include:

  • The concealment of non-appealing ceilings
  • Using coloured, textured or patterned tiles as an aesthetic feature of the room
  • They also offer both sound and heat installation
  • Adds value to your property
  • Enhances the sound quality in a room
  • A flexible design choice as they can easily be changed if need be
  • Affordable options available

A Range of Designs

Capco’s tiles are an interior decorator’s dream. They come in a wide variety of colours, textures, styles and patterns, and our range at Capco should have something to suit everyone’s personal taste.

These tiles can be used as a statement piece, with bold and eye-catching products, or to simply add cohesion and neaten up a room by covering clumsy and ugly ceilings with crisp tiles.

Capco currently works with 10 brands of tiles so that our customers have a wide range to choose from. The brands that we currently stock include Daiken, AMF, Eco Tex, Thermotex, Duraceil, Theromceil, Pyroceil, Hera Design, CKM and Optix.

Looking for the best quality ceiling tiles in South Africa? Capco has branches both in KZN and Gauteng. Call us today and speak to our friendly professionals about our quality range of tiles as well as our installation services.