Ceiling Boards Durban

Are you currently working on a project in Durban that requires ceiling boards? As ceiling board specialists, we’ve decided to answer a few FAQs and give you a bit of information on this topic.

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Where to Buy Quality Ceiling Boards in Durban?

We believe that we are the very best place to buy ceiling boards in Durban! We have been in the business for over 45 years, so we know what it takes to produce quality ceiling boards for a variety of different structures. We have dealt with many satisfied clients over the years and look forward to working on your ceiling board project with you.

Why You Should Only Purchase Quality Ceiling Boards

Like with any product, it is recommended that you stick to quality when buying ceiling boards. Quality ceiling boards should be properly ceiled to avoid water damage and insect infestations. Durban has a sub-tropical climate which means ceiling boards will be subject to heavy rains, strong winds and a variety of insect life.

Quality ceiling boards will last much longer, with no need to be replaced for many years to come. Do yourself a favour for the long run and invest in quality ceiling boards that will last for generations to come.

What Ceiling Board Components Will I Need?

This all depends on the structure or building you are working on and the type of ceiling that you hope to achieve using ceiling boards.

Depending on your ceiling type, you may need:

  • Trap door, Diffusers and Access Panels
  • Ceiling Tiles and Panels
  • Suspended Ceiling Components
  • Plasterboard covered T system
  • Thermal and Acoustic Insulation

There is so much more that goes into a ceiling than just ceiling boards. Capco, ceiling experts in Durban, offers all of the above products and much more. If you are unsure what components you’ll need for your ceiling product, please make use of our consultation services.

Are you looking for quality ceiling boards in Durban? You’ve come to the right place! Capco is ceiling specialists and can meet all of your ceiling needs under one roof. Call us today in our branches both in KZN & Gauteng for a quote today!