What Is An Exposed Grid System?

As we know, our ceiling systems are in place in the interiors of our home for good reason. Whether you rely on your ceiling for insulation or decoration, ceilings are an important part of your property that are often overlooked. They may not be a part of the structural importance and security of your property, but they do play an important role in the finishing of your home and/or office space.

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Choosing The Right Ceiling System

Exposed Grid System Vs The Suspended Ceiling System

There are various types of ceiling systems, the most common types are known as a suspended ceiling system and an exposed tee grid system. These structures provide space for important mechanical fixtures, lighting installations and wiring. They can additionally provide hiding space for unsightly but vital components to your building, like smoke or fire detectors.

It is clear to see why choosing the right ceiling system for you is so important. If you are deciding whether an exposed tee system is right for your building, we have compared the exposed grid system to its closest competitor – the suspended ceiling system.

Suspended Ceiling Systems

These ceiling systems provide great opportunities to completely conceal ductwork, pipes and wires and are renowned for their quick and easy installation. They also create easy installation opportunities for electrical enhancements or repairs to your building.

A big difference between an exposed tee system and a suspended ceiling system is how effective suspended ceiling systems are for the use of soundproofing your property. Additionally, because they are great insulators, your energy bills will instantly lower with the installation of a suspended ceiling system.

Unfortunately, however, because this type of ceiling is so good at concealing things, it may conceal major building issues such as water damage or mould and they are known to deteriorate quite quickly, losing their colour and sagging out of position. You also lose a substantial amount of space when you opt for a suspended ceiling system over an exposed tee system.

The Exposed Grid System

Also known as “open” ceilings, the exposed grid system has risen in popularity over the years and it’s no wonder why. This ceiling system allows all major components to be completely unconcealed, some property owners opt to decoratively paint these components while others leave them raw for a more rustic feel. With an exposed grid system, you can increase your building’s natural light by adding skylights which also cool the room down instantly, making it the perfect choice for warmer climates.

An exposed grid system also creates new and unique design opportunities that most modern interior design enthusiasts love. This ceiling system opens the doors to customisation and creativity, allowing you to choose light fixtures and piping that elevate your building/home’s aesthetic.

The exposed grid ceiling does require fewer materials than a suspended ceiling, but this is typically offset by the increased labour costs because making sure that an exposed grid system is neat and presentable enough to be uncovered takes more time.

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