Fire-Rated Doors

Are you in the market for fire-rated doors? Read this guide today and be prepared before getting yours

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Your Guide To Fire-Rated Doors

Fire-rated doors are an essential part of any fire safety system in multi-family apartments and commercial buildings. With a wide range of fire doors and accessories capable of providing unmatched reliability to enhance fire protection, it is important to know as much as possible about fire-rated doors.

Fire-Rated Doors: The Need For An Efficient Fire System

For any property manager and homeowner, ensuring people’s safety has to be a priority. In the event of a fire, you need to make sure that you follow fire regulations and that there are measures in place. Some of the fire regulations required for commercial buildings include having fire blankets and extinguishers as well as identifying and installing fire-rated doors or fire door exit systems. Much like with anything else, a fire risk assessment of the building needs to be conducted, and a fire management plan needs to be produced to specify which fire door sets will suit your building’s fire system.

Fire-Rated Doors As Protection Gear

Residential properties also need to put in place fire safety measures, particularly for fire-retardant furniture, electrical appliances and systems, smoke alarms, as well as fire-rated doors. The purpose of fire-rated doors is to ensure that smoke and fire is contained and to curb smoke inhalation. Superior fire-rated doors with a density ranging between 600 – 850kg/m3 (which can be found at Capco) provide the best solid core for your home. These fire-rated door frames are made from LVL or high-density hardwood equivalent to 640 kg/m3 or more, depending on your fire rating needs. All fire-rated door frames are matched with the door so that you have the perfect finish.

Fitting Fire-Rated Doors

Fire-rated doors need to be installed by a professional and in a doorway leading to staircases above two levels in commercial buildings. If there’s a door leading to a loft conversion, for example, a fire-rated door will need to be installed. This also includes entrances between building garages and the main building. This is to prevent smoke and fire from spreading.

For your fire-rated doors to safeguard your property effectively, all its parts need to be assembled properly. Small details in fire-rated doors differ, such as tumescent seals, glazing apertures, and door frames that can affect the fire-rated doors’ performance. This is why an expert must handle all fire-rated door requirements and installations.

At Capco, we are a leading South African company supplying top range fire-rated doors. Get yours from us today.