Leading Drywall Manufacturer in South Africa

The team at Capco is looked up to as a leading drywall manufacturer in South Africa. This is thanks to our high quality drywall solutions, as well as our excellent customer service. 

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A Range of Different Drywalls

One of the reasons why we are seen as leaders when it comes to drywall manufacturing in South Africa, is because of the many different types of drywall that we are able to provide.

We manufacture BETA drywall systems which comprise of galvanised steel frames, floor tracks and vertical studs which make them perfect for room divisions and office partitions. Not only do these BETA systems function effectively, they also look great!

Fire Rated Dry Wall

Our fire-rated drywall system works just as well as a fire-resistive barrier. If this wall had to come into contact with fire, it would slowly start releasing steam. We have three different types of fire rated drywalls and are great for keeping you and your employees safe from fires.

Our Drywalls Focus on Insulation

Everyone knows how important good insulation is right? This is what keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. When it comes to our drywalls, we have a wide range of different types of insulation for you to choose from. Insulation is highly recommended, even in temperate climates.

The Best Custom Drywall Manufacturer

What Capco does is make custom drywalls! We aim is to really listen to your needs and specifications. We have a consultation where we get to know you and your project’s needs, and then offer you a custom solution. We provide you with high-quality, custom drywalls that we have manufactured ourselves. Does it get any better than that?

Perhaps now you can see that we are looked to as a leading drywall manufacturer in South Africa. Looking for a drywall manufacturer that you can trust and rely on? Get in touch with the professional team at Capco today! Capco has branches both in KZN and Gauteng.