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Leading ceiling cornice suppliers, Capco, recommends ceiling trims and cornices for all office spaces for several reasons other than their decorative benefits. Recent studies have shown how larger office spaces and taller walls affect employee productivity. And for property owners and CEOs who have small offices or lower walls, making use of cornice trims can help create the illusion of larger spaces and taller walls, and bring with it all the benefits.

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Take Advice From Our Ceiling Suppliers

Our team has worked within so many office spaces that we confidently know that low walls and ceilings in an office are claustrophobic and unpleasant. Humans, by their very nature, need to feel that they have freedom within a space, a sense of limitless, and through these large spaces and high ceilings improve well-being. We know all too well that larger office spaces and tall ceilings create for a better interior and a more productive work environment. However, we do know that not all office interiors boast long walls, high ceilings, and large windows from top to bottom.


Some office spaces are, unfortunately, the opposite. However, there is a solution to this. Thanks to the addition of cornices and trims in your ceiling system, and a few DIY tips, every office can boast the best office in terms of size, appearance and have that bright and airy feel. Through cornice applications and techniques, the illusion of high ceilings will spark interest, create a subconscious sense of spatial exploration and creative research. All in all, higher ceilings and tall walls improve employee health and brain connectivity.

Cornice Recommendations And Tips

So, to create the illusion of high ceilings with cornices and trims, and the allusion of added height, follow these easy-to-do tips:


  1. Paint the cornice trim the same colour as the ceiling for added length.
  2. Paint the ceiling and trim white or at least a much lighter colour than your walls as this raises the ceiling visually.
  3. Painting the same ceiling colour onto the cornices and trims and right down to the bottom of the wall will add length psychologically.
  4. Use thinner cornice trims as thicker trim shortens the visual height of the wall and ceiling.
  5. Simpler cornices and trims with less detail create the illusion of space while overly detailed cornices and trims clutter up space and make walls seem smaller.

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Contact Capco today for all your cornice and trim needs, products and services. Capco has branches both in KZN and Gauteng. Let us help you create a larger office and help you boost your workforce’s productivity and well-being. For the full product range, visit our website. Please speak to one of our expert ceiling cornice suppliers today.