Acoustic Insulation In Your Home

In order to best understand how acoustic insulation works we should start off with the basics, how sound travels. Sound is created through a vibration which creates waves in the air, the flow of sound is dependent on the surfaces they bounce off and whether they can rebound. Sound can bounce between two walls within a room 60 times per second leaving you with an echo which is able to radiate throughout your entire structure.

Sound, unlike light, can be transmitted through glass, wood, steel and even concrete making it much more difficult to control. It is much easier to blackout a room than to eliminate the flow of sound. Acoustic insulation within your home allows you to manage the amount of sound rebounding, in layman’s terms it is like a phone app not allowing you to drunk text your ex at three in the morning. 

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How To Choose The Right Acoustic Installation For Your Home?

In order to choose an insulation that is right for your home, there are a few variables to consider. Do you live in a flat? Have high ceilings? Require full soundproofing for music recordings? A place of solitude where you can’t hear your wife? These are all important factors which shall greatly influence the density and materials needed to ensure your needs are met.

Three Options To Choose From For Acoustic Insulation In Your Home

Isover Cavity Batt used for home insulation which provides an NRC value of 1. Wait, what is an NRC value and why should this matter? NRC stands for noise reduction coefficient and is the standard rating for how well a material absorbs sound. NRC ratings provide you with an indication as to how absorptive a material is and is generally seen as a percentage.

If a material is 0.88 on an NRC score this would mean that it absorbs 88 percent of the sound and would only rebound 12 percent of the sound. Now back to the products, Isover Cavity Batt allows for the absorption of sound within steel frame, timber or dry wall structures. This provides acoustic insulation on a “I can kind of hear the kids” sound level. This type of home insulation is great for when you would like to shut in, or out the nose from your neighbours. Capco Acoustic, like Cavity Batt holds a 1 NRC rating, however, it holds a higher density.

Knauf Acoustic has up to a 1.13 NRC rating, used for wall partitions and ceilings providing you with the upmost acoustic installation within your home. This would be ideal for a home cinema or dad’s not-so-cool band practice. 

The Benefits Of Acoustic Insulation In Your Home

Acoustic insulation for your home may seem as though it is not a priority, nor a necessity, but have you thought about the benefits that it may provide you with? Living in a complex where every sound echoes into the streets and neighbours being privy to your intimate or confidential conversations is far from ideal.

Acoustic insulation provides you with the peace of mind that Mrs Grey will no longer be able to gossip about the amount of times you have watched (and re-watched) Fast and the Furious or that your Friday nights have consisted of ill-rehearsed drum solos. With social distancing and home isolations we know that your next-door neighbours’ child is saying “Mom” so often you feel like the parent. No better time to shut out the noise than now! Nagging spouses, no more, acoustic home insulation is for us all.

This insulating material is made from recycled PET plastic bottles. The material is a thermally bonded polyester that can also be recycled after use, making it eco-friendly. Its soft texture makes it easy to roll out and cut to size. Suitable for roof, geyser and wall insulation it can be used almost everywhere in the home.

At Capco we don’t provide a product, but rather a solution for all your needs. Our specialists are able to assist no matter the size of a project. From a gaming room to your entire living space we know it all. Have any questions unanswered? Speak to our professional, knowledgeable team today at our KZN branch at 031 569 6090 or our Gauteng Branch at 011 822 8142 now to get started with yours.